Active Families in Camden

Families in Camden
P’Parachuting’ in Regents Park’

Healthy Local Communities & Active Families in Camden

This project aims to make a positive difference to Children and Young people’s lives. Parents for Sports offer local children and families in Camden the opportunity to take active part in recreational activities. All our activities and play sessions are free of charge. We organise both indoors and outdoors activities and games including: parachute, obstacle games, free play with sports toys, old childhood games like ‘duck, duck goose’, ‘Mr wolf’ and ‘snake and ladders’.  Our regular club takes places every Friday at the end of the long ‘hard studying week’.

We aim to encourage outdoor play and activities with friends and family. Our objective is to help children and young people remain active and gain awareness of physical and health issues. We promote learning, play and development of new skills. We provide opportunity for personal/social enjoyment and development. Our sessions are run by young volunteers from the Local community.

New ways to keep active and have fun!

  • Parents For Sports started the Parents Fitness AM Session for families in Camden. These sessions take place every Wednesday morning between 09:30-11:00. After you have dropped the kids at school come by for an opportunity to have some fun, meet more of your neighbours and – obviously – to keep fit. For more information go to the ‘What’s ON’ page.
  • The Friday Club now also includes dance sessions. These are held in  a relaxed and informal environment and provide an extra activity to help the kids keep active while having fun with other local families in Camden.

Families in CamdenWe promote diversity and welcome everyone. Whether you are looking to stay active, spend time with other local families or simply offer your children  a place to make new friends locally, come join us.

We are constantly looking for young people who want to give their time through volunteering. Every now and then we also have vacancies for local young people to work in a rewarding environment. The vacancies and volunteering opportunities are posted in our “What is On ” section.

Many of our volunteers go on to study and or work in Education, Social Work, Youth Work and Coaching. If you think you can contribute to an healthy local environment for Camden Families we would love to hear from you!

Our team is local, friendly and welcoming. We love to hear about new ideas of activities for our sessions. If you are creative and think we can use some of you ideas do get in touch.

If you want to find out more about us send us a message via the “Contact Us” Don’t forget to look at the ‘What’s on Page’.

Promoting Healthy Local Families in Camden!