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Parents for Sports

What we do

Parents for Sports  organise outdoor and indoor events for local families. We deliver free play sessions with sports equipment, basic football and volleyball, badminton and obstacle games for all the family. Our activities are run by qualified volunteers from the local community.

Our activities present children and parents with opportunity for fun time, sports and recreational activities with friends in the community.

We also offer Fitness AM sessions for parents. These sessions provide an opportunity for local parents to developer closer relationship, socialise and get to know each other.

Our Aims and Objectives:

Parents for Sports are a local initiative bringing the local community together and promoting healthy and active families.

The project aspires to provide a space where children will stay safe from violence, bulling, crime, anti-social behaviour and discrimination. how does Parents for sports achieve this:

  • Encourages children and young people to develop community awareness, engage in new activities, and develop confidence, self-esteem and ability to deal with new challenges;
  • Engages with young people and offer volunteering opportunities where they can contribute to the local community, build up their own their CVs and improve prospects of future employment.
  • Promotes greater openness and diversity;  we are run wholly by local volunteers and supported by Local parents who want to be actively engaged with the local community.
  • We aim to  have a social and economic impact: the project will have indirect impact on children financial and cultural environment, events are free and people from different cultures will take part, benefiting from input of different nationalities and cultures

We do local fund-raising events in the community in order to keep our activities going. We also apply for local government funding to help our volunteers.

We are a community project and everyone is welcome to join our fun active activities. We hope to see you in the next one!