Celebrating Diversity in the Community

WorldWe are preparing a series of fun activities with the local families of Camden and beyond to celebrate the diversity of our local community, to play and learn and to ensure children keep active and enjoy the outdoors. The special theme for October is Sports and Diversity. We will also be celebrating Black History Month.

We will have many exciting surprises and, including opportunities to learn and share a bit more about our neighbours, our languages and ancestries.

So, regardless of where you were born, if you are proud of the cultural diversity in Camden we hope to see you at the next Activity.  There will be opportunities to learn and share with your neighbours: for example, you can bring a flag, a shirt with your national colours or country’s name or simply a poster of a sports personality.

Remember Parents for Sports use the activities to fund raise, there will be lots of snacks and drinks and and as usual raffle prizes to be won! The activities take place in a fun and relaxed environment, everyone is welcomed to take part, everyone is welcomed to make suggestions. If you know any particularly good active games that you perhaps used to play as a child why not share it with us?

Camden is very rich in Cultural Diversity: With over two hundred thousand residents nearly 35% of Camden’s overall population is estimated to be from Black and Minority ethnic group background and 22% from the non-British, white community. The three most commonly spoken languages are Bengali (13%), French (8%) and Spanish (6%).

Remember the activities are fun, free and open to all, they aim to promote active kids and diverse local communities. Our volunteers are local and friendly.

We will post more information soon so keep checking! You can always email us.