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Free Play
Free Play – Dancing

Parents for Sports offers free play for local children at Ampthill SquareTenants Hall, Camden, with free children’s activities every Friday.

If you live locally and are looking for some fun for your kids come along to the Friday after school club with dance classes.

We welcome different ages and encourage everyone to join in. Parents for Sports offers free play for all. This is an opportunity for children to keep active practice and learn dancing and take part in a variety of other activities. The Friday’s free play for children is Free for all. We welcome of local parents and guardians. Bring your kids after school.

Friday from 16:00pm at Ampthill Square Tenants Hall, Camden.

After a short summer break we are back and have already started with lots of fun and many new families and kids have joined in. Lets keep our children active and lets promote healthy and diverse local communities. The newly introduced dance classes will be a great way to explore different cultural richness of Camden. They will provide another fun way not just to keep fit but also to learn about each others culture, through music and dance. Dance brings with it language, sounds and beats from around the world. The dance classes are a chance for parents for sports to help bring our local community closer together and encourage parents to share their own ‘moves’!┬áThis is a relaxed fun an healthy space for children to keep active while also learning and making new friends.

Boys, Girls,, Mums, Dads, Ants, Uncles, Brothers Sisters all welcome. You can simply bring the kids in and mingle with other parents, Have some tea… OR you can join in and teach us a thing or two about a specific dance style! Remember if you really like it and want to volunteer let us know!

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