Our Activities

Activities for the Family

  • Indoor Club & Games for the younger ones (Parents are always welcome to pitch in!) – Local children have the opportunity to play, make friends and have fun in Ampthill Square Tenants Hall. Young volunteers and parents run the sessions every Friday between 16:00-17:30.  It is the perfect start to the weekend after a long hard working week at school!


  • Out-door Fun & Games (Even in the snow we always find a way to keep active and have fun!) The regular out-door play activities are perfect for children to have fun outdoors, keep healthy and active even in the freezing winter. These sessions vary from a day out in the park and after school play, to parties in the park. Sometimes we run ‘spontaneous’ play sessions. This happens when the whether is particularly nice and we go off to Regents Park with local families. Or if it suddenly starts snowing we bring out the sledges!


  • Youth Club and Training for local Young People  – They work, learn and have fun! –  The Youth club focuses in giving local young people a space to ‘unwind’ and ‘hang out’ . Hampthill Square Youth Club is fully run by the youngsters. The activities are totally based on what they like doing and it helps keep them focused on positive things. We will soon resume the sessions every Monday morning with Console Games, Music & DJ sessions, table tennis (indoors and outdoor) and a lot more. Whenever possible we provide basic sports, first aid and project management training. We encourage local young people to get in touch if they want to know more about the club and if they are interested in volunteering and helping out with new innovative ways to stay focused, grow and develop together.

 Stay Active and Health in Camden