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Are you an early riser? Do you drop the kids off to school and then find yourself with nothing to do? Or, are you a naturally active person and like to keep yourself busy and healthy? Whichever bracket you fit into, what better way to keep active than by joining the Parents AM Fitness Sessions with other local mums and dads?

Come join us in Parents Fitness AM Session. As you (should) know, Parents for Sports started morning fitness sessions that take place every Wednesday morning at the Ampthill Square Tenants Hall . These are fun, relaxing and uplifting mornings keeping fit with your local neighbours.

The sessions last from 09:30-11:00am – Everyone is welcomed to join, the exercises are ‘fairly easy’ the instructors are easy-going but very disciplined and it is all very beneficial to your health.

Come along and bring a friend – you will enjoy it!

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